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Welcome to Volunteer Knit Apparel, Inc.

Volunteer Knit Apparel, Inc. is a provider of private-label garments and fabrics since 1986. Today, we continue to produce goods for some of the best-known labels in the industry.



We are a totally vertical, full-service knit goods garment and fabric manufacturer located in New Tazewell, Tennessee producing high-quality fabrics and garments for the private label market.

From the beginning, we have concentrated on made-in-USA goods, and today we see a resurgence of loyalty to the domestic American market. We offer a complete array of tubular-knit jersey and three-end fleece garments and fabrics.

We remain dedicated to producing the best quality garments and fabrics at the most affordable cost.   All components of our USA goods are produced in the United States.

Our motto: We strive to do the best for less 

Our main office and manufacturing facility is located in New Tazewell, Tennessee and most of our logistics originates from this central headquarters. We have two knitting operation facilities: one produces tubular-knit jersey; the other is dedicated to our three-end fleece fabric.

Our bleaching facility in New Tazewell and our dye house in Knoxville, Tennessee are capable of finishing cotton cloth, blends, and 100% synthetic cloth to military specifications.

Performance-wear garments and fabrics are relatively new, but have become a large part of our specialty product mix. We have been, for many years, a preferred supplier of products for US military.

Our state-of-the-art sewing facility produces a multitude of knit garments, and we continue to provide goods for many of the better-known labels.

We have automated many operations, and we focus on increased production with no sacrifice in quality. We have the capacity to produce many thousands of dozen of garments per week. Our special trademarks are:

1.Military gear by  voluntary knit apparel,Inc. ™
2. Wick clean  ™

Our knowledge and background covers total vertical textile and apparel manufacturing, from raw yarn to finished garments with specialized packaging and shipping.

The Volunteer owners have more than 55 years of combined experience in the industry, including yarn manufacturing, knitting, dyeing and finishing, and cut and sew operations.

The team combined this knowledge to create a cohesive position in the fabric and garment business. Soon we will log 29 years of success in the apparel industry!

Over the decades, we have weathered the terrible wrath of unfair global competition and government oppression, and are now making every effort to expand our USA-made products, built by quality-conscious Americans.

Again, our motto: We strive to produce the best for less.

We treat our customers as partners, and some have been on the books for more than 25 years. We will make every effort to compete in this tough global market.

Although our primary focus is to produce goods in America, we also have access to your offshore production partners to facilitate global competition. We offer a complete range of knit goods for both domestic and offshore sourcing.

Give us a chance to win your

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